Nelmese Spa

beauty and health salon

About salon


All procedures are performed according to unique programs by experienced and certified specialists


We use the latest Japanese, American and European beauty developments and proven cosmetic products of world-class premium brands

High quality

Qualified consultants of the BEST Beauty and Health Center will select the most effective services for you, answer questions and make every effort to relax and enjoy an amazing journey into the world of beauty and pleasure




Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root. Our center provides you with best waxing masters in our city.

Cost of services

Eyebrows 15$
Cheek or Chin 15$
Ear 15$
Nostrils 25$
Upper Lip 8$
Shoulders 30$
Underarms 15$
Half Arm 20$
Full Arm 30$
Chest 40$



Individual approach to each guest

Author’s techniques for the care of hands and feet, developed by our specialists, will turn your nails into a work of art

Cost of services

Manicure 30$
Pedicure 50$
Coverage by Christina Fitzgerald 15$
Shellac coating 35$
SPA hand care 40$
SPA foot care 70$
Man’s Manicure De Luxe 40$
Male pedicure 65$


Hairdressing salon

Individual approach to each guest

Our stylists will create for you an individual image, using professional premium cosmetics and the most modern techniques

Cost of services

Womens haircut 70$
Stacking 50$
Hairstyle 60$
Staining 80$
Makeup 40$
Care J Beverly Hills 75$
Care Greymy 110$
Men’s haircut 50$



Philosophy of Beauty and Pleasure

Massage is one of the most pleasant and effective procedures for caring for the body and face. It perfectly removes fatigue, serves to relax the constrained muscles, strengthens the action of wraps and therapeutic masks, affects the deep layers of the skin. In our salon you will be offered a wide range of types of massage, from classical Thai massage, stone therapy and to restoring various diseases with prevention. And just as relaxing massage immersing in pleasant dreams

Cost of services

Anti-cellulite 65$
Lymphatic drainage 50$
Collar zone 25$
For the back 60$
General massage 100$


Fitness Zone

Individual approach to each guest

All procedures are performed by certified programs by experienced specialists with individually designed program for each guest. We use the latest achievements and technologies to obtain the desired results

Cost of services

Acquajogger 50$
Dance Fitness 65$


Spa area


SPA is a luxury vacation, taking care of beauty and health.
Here at your service are several recreation areas, individual programs and rituals, chic interior, spicy flavors, relaxing music – every visit is an unforgettable adventure in the world of relaxation and pleasure

Cost of services

SPA-ZONE (rental) 40$
Soap peeling 50$
Sunbath 20$
Thalasso Bretagne 130$
“Watermelon Breeze” Sranroom 130$
Ritual “La Sultane de Saba” 150$
Plathlone Mask 125$